Student-Created Mathcasts

  • hear and see student math thinking - strengthen communication, talk about the why behind what they are doing
  • experience explaining math - "teach others"
  • differentiated instruction (*new options for math projects and tools to create)
  • formative assessment (ie. entry or exit slips)
  • electronic portfolios - samples of student work


In my Advanced Math and Geometry classes, my students created an Online Study Guide which included pencasts on all of the topics to be covered on the final exam.

Students picked the topics they wanted to cover. I uploaded and organized the pencasts into our class wiki page. We had three Livescribe pens and three notebooks. Students checked out the pens during their study hall or did their pencasts before, after or during class time. Project spanned about 1 month.

Here is an example:
Chelsea's Pencast on the Law of Sines

brought to you by Livescribe

Chelsea's pencast reveals some misunderstanding about the reason why we use the Law of Sines (she said it was so that we could find the area of a triangle). This insight allowed me to go back and show her why the Law of Sines was necessary. Her procedure in how to use the Law of Sines was not flawed, but her understanding of the "why" behind it was.
Her classmate instead entitled her pencast "Use the Law of Sines to find the missing parts of ANY triangle." Her statement showed she had a much better understanding of why the Law of Sines was useful.

Then, students used the Online Study Guide, including my underperforming students who seemed to rarely use the resources I provided. One student said that he didn't bother to use the Study Guide Outline I provided (which listed chapters, topics, example questions) he just took a couple of evenings and watched all of the videos that his classmates had posted.

Another Idea:

Geogebra, Wiki, Jing = Collaboration
record, share, improve it, other students can ask questions, learning together
Geoff Roulet and Jill Lazarus:


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