Images are an important part of mathematics,whether is geometry diagrams for a proof, the coordinate plane or a diagram that is shown next to a word problem.

I use a number of different tools to get images that I need for my mathcasts.

Mobile Scanners:

take off lid to scan textbooks, see-through scanner. Saves imags as jpegs (I can adjust image quality) Then I crop and adjust color in Word or PP

PanDigital 2-in-1 Portable Wand and Feed Scanner (similar to VuPoint Wand Scanner)
allows me to insert a worksheet into feeder to scan or to use in "wand" mode - helpful for textbooks. Save scans as images or pdfs.

*You can also use the scanner that comes with some printers*

App - IPhone

Scan Pages free
Take a picture of the image and then "clean up" converts it into a black and white that I can insert into worksheets or PP.


I have a number of PowerPoints that I have created that have the skeleton of a variety of problems I use in my classes. For example, I have a file called "coordinate grid" that I have a coordinate plane saved with labels on the axis. I use it for plotting ordered pairs, graphing lines, etc. The skeleton has been reused over and over as I have needed new images for my online courses, worksheets or mathcasts.

Did you know that you can save a PowerPoint slide as image? I will create a PowerPoint of specific questions I want to go over in my mathcast and then save it as a .png (better quality for on screen). PowerPoint will ask if you want to save each slide as an image and I click ok. The each slide is then saved as an image ready to be annotated on (very useful if using an Ipad whiteboard app that allows you to insert background images or to annotate on a PC without "moving parts").

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