Supporting Collaborative Mathematics Explorations using a Wiki, GeoGebra, and Jing
Geoff Roulet and Jill Lazarus will discuss their use of wikis, GeoGebra and Jing with students.
This discussion centers on the use of computer tools in a high school class. The goal was to develop a “math-talk learning community” to establish mathematics communication and collaboration as a classroom norm. In support of this we have combined the use of a wiki, GeoGebra, and Jing.

Since the mid-1980s Geoff has been developing and field-testing problems, classroom structures, and tools that encourage and support collaboration in mathematics. These activities often involved the use of ICT. In 2000 with the start of theMath-Towers ( project Geoff moved his work to the Web and began developing an online space where Grades 6 to 10 classes could work together on mathematics challenges (See the October 6, 2010 Math 2.0 Math-Towesr session at the Math Towers page). More recently Geoff has expanded his efforts to develop online mathematics collaboration spaces to include senior high school and university courses. For this he has experimented with various combinations of wikis, GeoGebra, and Jing videos. This work is described more fully with examples at: Collaborative Mathematics Spaces for Senior Secondary School and University.In 1998 Jill completed her M.Ed. thesis study in which she explored how two teachers encouraged and supported communication in their Grade 9 mathematics courses. Since then, while teaching in Petawawa, Ontario, Jill has continued to explore ways to engage her students in mathematical conversations.This school year Jill and Geoff have combined their efforts and explored how a wiki (PBworks), GeoGebra, and Jing videos could be used together in Jill's Grade 10 class to support the sharing of mathematical ideas and collaboration in problem solving. In this session Jill and Geoff will discuss the philosophy, technology employed, teaching approach, student activities, and outcomes of their work.

Below is a poster (click on the image) that outlines the project.Join an Online Collaborative Mathematics Investigation
Geogebra, Jing, Wiki:[[|/Blended_Mathematical_Collaboration.pdf/]]

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