Two pen options:
1st Generation - Pulse
2nd Generation - Echo

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Pros & Cons



  • Writing is effortless because it is familiar.
  • Writing math with a pen. (medium size pen tips are available)
  • Ability to record problems prior to starting audio/pen stroke capture (set up)
  • No colors, shapes, etc. Cannot annotate a worksheet or PowerPoint slide.
  • Sharing options have expanded (including mobile - apps)
  • Uploading pencasts to LiveScribe desktop - errors (*be patient)
  • Quick
  • Organization of pencasts - difficult to find recent uploads - naming files
  • Unlimited Time
  • Don't use with a ruler - ruler gets in the way of the camera and does not record!
  • "Shadow" - view the problem as it is being solved
  • Cost, consumable paper

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  • A4 - Lined 1-Subject Notebook (color coded)
  • A5 - Lined - smaller size for shorter pencast (don't have to waste a whole page)
  • A4 - 5 mm Grid - Set up for Coordinate Planes on Page
(*Beware - don't use ruler - gets in the way of camera in pen)
  • A5 - 5mm Grid - Smaller Size for Shorter Pencasts (one graph)
  • Sticky Notes - 2 sizes 3 x 5 and 3 x 3
(*Ideas - record student warm-up questions - pass the pen OR end of class "ticket"; add audio support to existing textbook - record sticky and put in book on the page you are working on - student can replay with the pen) entry slip/exit slip - formative assessment; also hear student math understanding and work on communication)


For my geometry class. Posted 3/17/2012 after lessons on the Introduction to Trig Ratios.
This week you will be learning about real world word problems that we use trigonometry to solve. (Angle of Elevation and Angle of Depression)
Please watch and take notes on the following examples from Lesson 73.
Ls. 73
Applications of Trigonometry
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From Nicole at LiveScribe:
I am contacting you on behalf of Livescribe. Tim Fahlberg pointed me in your direction as an excellent example of a teacher using the smartpen in the classroom and creating pencasts. I have to say, I agree! I loved listening to your students solve problems and explain their reasoning with the Pulse smartpen.


Tim Fahlberg - Math247 Wiki Page on LiveScribe with Examples and Tutorials:

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