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Pros & Cons



  • Ability capture screen shot of PowePoint slide or other document and annotate.
  • Writing math with a "marker" - when using pen tools and tablet.
  • Set up problems and graphics prior to recording audio
  • Time limit is 5 minutes (for Jing)
  • Sharing options include embed, link or download .mp4 or .swf files
  • Time to prepare slides, produce recording, save, upload, etc.
  • Colors, graphics, images, movement, etc.
  • Sometimes difficulty if trying to pull in hidden textboxes (capture box moves around)
  • Free
  • Need external microphone, more equipment needed - not a quick set up or creation
  • Naming screencasts, organization
  • Large file sizes (*sometimes difficult to upload but can be embedded instead)
  • Neat, professional looking
  • Saved and embedded formats cannot be viewed on mobile devices (*unless use Camtasia to convert file - $$$)

Sharing Options

Save to Computer: (*prior to recording choose .mp4 or .swf)
Screencast.com -
  • Embed Code
  • Link

Ipad and Iphone App: not supported (*unless use Camtasia to convert file)

Viewing Options

  • Full Screen Mode (lower right corner)
  • Click anywhere on timeline to skip ahead
  • Pause and rewind


Screen Capture of Use and Explanation
of an Online Virtual Manipulative
Lesson: Amplitude, Period, Frequency and Phase Shift
In this lesson, you will use an online virtual manipulative to explore how the graph of the sine curve in the form y = k + A sin (Bx + C) changes when k, A, B and C changes.
Virtual manipulative is a model created using GeoGebra
Demonstration of an online virtual manipulative. Students were asked in a previous slide to work with the manipulative and then answer the questions in the Task section.
After students completed that exercise, they went to a slide containing this screencast in which I go over what they should have discovered during their activity (*immediate feedback before they start the homework questions).

external image ManagerHandler.ashx?fileID=301Use the online virtual manipulative to answer the following questions on your own paper. The virtual manipulative can be found by clicking on this link.
Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper while you work with the virtual manipulative.
(Note: To change the value of one of the letters, drag the sliders)
1) How does k change the look of the graph?
2) How does A change the look of the graph?
3) How does B change the look of the graph?
4) How does C change the look of the graph?

Screen Capture of PowerPoint (no pen tools) - textboxes dragged in as problem is solved
This capture was created for an assignment for my class at Drexel. It shows the composition of two inverse functions. I prepped the PowerPoint with individual textboxes for each step of solving. Before recording, I moved all of the textboxes off the PowerPoint slide. Multipage PowerPoint.

Screen Capture of PowerPoint (using pen tools) - annotated using tablet laptop and pen tools
This capture was created to include in an online lesson for RRT. The PowerPoint was prepped ahead of time with problems listed on it. Then, I wrote on top of the PowerPoint using the pen tools.
*Attach Wacom Bamboo Tablet OR HP Tablet Laptop

Screen Capture Size

When considering screen capture, consider the dimensions of your screen. Every computer monitor is different and the computer that plays your capture may not be widescreen, etc. It is better to resize your PowerPoint to "safe dimensions" (I set up my page layout to: 7.29 inches by 5.51 inches, approx. 650 x 550 - a size that fits the width of my LMS) and then set my PowerPoint screen size to 80%.

I never capture my entire screen because this allows me to "hide" textboxes and other elements off the capture screen so I can move them in when I need them.

Resize - Embeds

If you embed a screencast in the size that you recorded at, you will get a screencast with the same dimensions as your capture. The problem with that is that it takes up a large part of a wiki/blog/LMS page. You can resize the screencast by changing the dimensions of it in the embed code before you insert. Make sure to change both the length and width by the same proportion (ie. divide both demensions in half.)

Sample Embed Code:
<!-- copy and paste. Modify height and width if desired. --><object id="scPlayer" width="452" height="333" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://content.screencast.com/users/stampinpost/folders/Default/media/a2288172-3bbd-41bd-b62e-03c4ece17100/mp4h264player.swf"><param name="movie" value="http://content.screencast.com/users/stampinpost/folders/Default/media/a2288172-3bbd-41bd-b62e-03c4ece17100/mp4h264player.swf" />
<param name="quality" value="high" />
<param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF" />...


Other Screen Capture Tools

Camtasia: Professional - ability to edit, fades, highlight, , zoom in, covert to other formats, etc.
SnagIt: 2nd generation Jing Pro replacement

Capture Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

***I love how you can "hide and reveal" your steps!

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