The flipped classroom uses screencasts to record the "lecture part" of a lesson. Students watch the screencasts at home, prior to class. In class, students work on group projects, individual work at their own pace, real world problems, etc. based on the lecture.
What would you do if you removed lecture?

  • Activities
  • Application
  • Labs
  • Groups
  • Projects
  • Individual or Group Tutoring

Flipped Learning - Mastery Learning

CNN - Clintondale High School
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A Look Inside the Flipped Classrom

  1. multiple exposures to the lesson for them to comprehend.
  2. focused and productive being a kinetic learner

Khan TED Talk (2011):

Harvard Professor - Eric Mazur
Ending the "tyranny of the lecture" -
Flipped Learning: A response to Five Common Criticisms

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